Ultimate Guide to Fishing South Florida on Foot

“If you don’t have a boat but want to catch fish, then Steve Kantner’s new book…is required reading. He shares everything you need to know about where, when and how to catch fish ranging from snook, bass and tarpon to mackerel, pompano and grass carp on everything from fly and spinning rods to heavy duty conventional outfits. Even if you have a boat, you’ll catch more fish after reading this book.”–Steve Waters,South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Over the years, Steve has seen many changes in the fisheries that dot the entirety of South Florida. In his book, he tells it like it is…He spells out everything an angler would need to know to fish the hundreds of venues and dozens of species he covers in his book. It’s the only book of its kind about fishing South Florida on foot. Don’t leave home without it.”–FlyLifeMagazine.com

“A remarkably comprehensive do-it-yourself guide to fishing in South Florida, focusing on wading and bank-fishing opportunities.”–American Angler

From a veteran South Florida angler comes the first fly and light tackle do-it-yourself guide to the region, focusing on fishing opportunities that don’t require a boat.
  • The most complete fishing guide to South Florida ever published, for both fly fishing and light tackle
  • A perfect resource for anglers who want expert advice without the cost of hiring a guide
  • Includes detailed advice about lures and flies
  • Features fascinating stories of fishing adventures


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